The University of Texas Arlington

The University of Texas Arlington (UTA) came to me with quite a project on their hands . The ask was to elevate the web experience in terms of personalization, both explicit and implicit, build a flexible design system that would work across all of their sub-sites, solving a variety of needs, and above all else give them a voice all their own. After speaking to the President of UTA, it was clear he was ready to make waves and trusted me to bring an energetic, yet respectable vibe to their online presence. I chose to use saturated, electric colors and photo effects to create a seamless experience throughout their pages. Gone are the days of predictable stock photography and outdated web components like carousels and ticker counters. I’ve replaced these with more streamlined .JS components that not only load faster and work responsively, but also provide a modern appearance. In the end, UTA was very happy with the modern templated approach to the site build and felt confident that they could continue to author pages for their needs using the design system I built.