My mom is cool. No, really, she is! Everything I've learned about creative solutions I can trace back to my mother, the original social butterfly. By asking the right questions, she could find the one thread that tied a motley crew together and have them eating cake by noon. I mean, how cool is that? 

So, naturally, I also love bringing people together, but instead of eating cake, I like to bring great minds together to work on another sweet experience: websites.  A few of my co-workers and friends have even called me the “great communicator” for my ability to speak everyone’s language (flattery will get you everywhere), but honestly, I firmly believe that great design is born of great communication.

My designs have earned me the respect of my community and the praise of my clients. For over a decade I have dabbled in a variety of creative fields which has given me a broad understanding of what people like and what sparks their interest. This valuable education has proven useful when designing e-commerce and marketing websites because I know what generates traffic and sales and how to visually communicate that through a fresh and compelling user experience. 

Truth be told, I might have some design chops and a few modest accolades, but all I really want to do is have fun. I get to work in COLOR for crying out loud, so design should be fun! With every new project I do my best to keep fun in the equation. Basically, I’m not happy until my designs fulfill their intended purpose and look dang good while doing it. I’ve found that by making these things my goal, my clients are happy, the user is happy, and well, of course that makes me happy. And all of this boils down to being able to communicate clearly and generally being a people person. Thanks, Mom! 

In Short: I sincerely love what I do and have a passion for perfection. If you would like to consult me for your next project please contact me. I am available for work in Dallas, San Francisco and New York.

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